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There are many problems in the rain, you can take care of yourself like this

There are many problems in the rain, you can take care of yourself like this

Changing weather is harmful for both health and skin. During the rainy season, fever, malaria, dengue, allergies and skin problems may occur. There is a need to take special care of health in this season.

Everyone loves the rainy season, but this season brings many diseases along with it. Any infection spreads rapidly in this season. Therefore, at this time, special care has to be taken from food and living. Let us know what to keep in mind during the monsoon season.

Eat immunity boost food

Include foods in your diet that help increase immunity. In this season, include broccoli, carrot, turmeric, garlic and ginger in your food, these are very beneficial for skin as well as hair. Ginger and garlic are found to have antibacterial elements which relieve problems of breath, skin and colds.

Don't eat outside food

Do not eat outside food at this time. Apart from this, do not eat fruits and vegetables that have been cut for a long time because the risk of bacteria increases in it. Also avoid eating raw or undercooked. Do not eat junk food at all during monsoon as it increases the chances of getting sick.

Stay away from mosquitoes 

Many people also suffer from malaria during the rainy season. Therefore, it is important to stay away from mosquitoes in this season. Avoid dirty water and do not let water accumulate around the house. Also wear full-sleeved clothes during this season.

Take care of skin

Allergies and skin problems also increase during the rainy season. If you already have any skin problem, then avoid getting wet in this season. If you are out of the house and are drenched in rain then take a bath with clean water as soon as you return home.

Avoid getting wet in  the rain:

Many people always take a bath in the rain to enjoy the rain during this monsoon which gives them relief from the heat, but the fun of bathing in this rain also turns into a sad feeling at times. Often, after heavy sunlight, it rains all of a sudden, in such a situation, taking a bath in that rain can do harm. The more disadvantage of bathing in the rain is cold - cold.

In the event of rain, the viruses are more active in the environment, so if you loosen up a little, then you are vulnerable to these viruses which makes you sick. So abstain bathing in the rain and if you have to take a bath to get relief from the heat, then take a bath in your bathroom which is better option for you.

Always drink water boiled:

So you should always boil and drink water during monsoon. If you have a normal filter water  then it is good for you, but if you do not have a Water Filter, then boil the water first and then use it for drinking when it is cold. Use this boiled water within 24 hours, because after that, using it can surround you with germs.

During the monsoon, the chances of getting dirty of water increases, which we have to face many problems when used. Most of the diseases are caused by drinking dirty water during the rainy season. So drink clean and boiled water only. Apart from this, you can drink ginger tea or hot hot soup to avoid germs.

Focus on the use of vegetables

Once thing you always have to keep in mind during the rainy season is that whenever you make a vegetable, first check the quality of that vegetable while buying it. In the normal rainy season, most of the vegetables always come with dirty and insects. Several times a worm comes in these vegetables, which enter your body when you use it, which can cause you a lot of damage.

If the vegetable looks like clean, then wash it thoroughly before using it and then cook it with good flame so that if a worm is in that vegetable, it will die in the boil of the vegetable. So use this time vegetable properly

Always eat the  right food:

In the monsoon you always have to take great care of your food and drink. You should be very careful about eating and drinking, but you should be aware during rainy season. In this season, you should avoid eating fast food. Choumin, burger, pizza or anything else, it would be tasty to eat these things, but according to the health claims, we suffer from them.

That is why it is important that you eat good fruits and drink juice in place of fast food. Give more weight to healthy food instead of mouth test. Do not eat anything stale. Germs are produced in stale food. Always eat fresh food. In this way, it is very important to drink the right food to adjust yourself along with the weather in the monsoon.

Take medicine in case of fever:

In the end, I will tell you that many times we take very good care of ourselves, but due to carelessness, we are vulnerable to fever, due to which we get cold, headache, bad stomach or mild fever. Never take that fever or cold cold lightly on such an occasion. In this monsoon rains, viruses are everywhere in large numbers due to which any disease can increase.

So, as soon as you are in the grip of a fever or you have mild fever, take medicine immediately. Do not delay in taking medicines at all. The sooner you take the medicine, the sooner you get out of that fever, the delay in taking the medicine can increase your fever very lightly. So, don't be lazy at all.

So friends, whether it is summer or rainy season, they are sure to come, but we must mold ourselves in this season. If we can take care of ourselves, then we will be healthy and we will be able to enjoy every season. If you also want to give any tips for taking care of health during the rainy season, then comment us below.

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