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Best Eco Resort Available in India Wayanad Banasura Hill Eco Resort


Best Eco Resort Available in India Wayanad Banasura Hill Eco Resort

Wayanad, situated on the green lands of Kerala, is one of the most popular weekend getaways in the country. Amidst magical views and untouched beauty, coming here, this place binds you in your journey with some experiences that bring you closer to nature. Many tourists come here only to visit famous places like Lakkidi or Vythiri, but North Kerala gives you a chance to get acquainted with the beauty of Wayanad which is beyond the eyes of the crowd and common travellers.
Banasura Hill Resort
Like a painting, Banasura, nestled in the beautiful Wayanad, is perfect to add a calm and relaxing twist to your boring life. Although there are are many options  stay here,but the most popular a Asia s Biggest Earth and Eco Resort Available in Wayanad. The name of Banasura hill resort. 

Situated and altitude of 3,500 feet above sea level, Banasura Hill Resort is situated  right in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Destination. The nearby Banasura area and the Nilgiri hills make it more special. Situated in Malabar region in Kerala. you can a see small stream following through the center of this resort all year round and the waterfalls nearby make this place a magical place. Spread Over 35 acres of a beautiful terrain, this  resort is perfect for enjoying the beauty of the region due to its proximity  to the hills.

Known the Popular media around the world for its responsible tourism, this resort  is favorite of all nature lovers. with  a splendid View of the hills  during every sunrise  and sunset, it is perfect for those  who are looking for an immersive experience. 

This Luxurious Eco resort is known for its hospitality and eco-friendly atmosphere. With facilities like a wellness center and family suites, it is the perfect   Combination of comfortable and luxurious accommodations.

Around the tourist spot near by Banasur hills 

Located the just short distance from the resort ,the Banasur hills is perfect for trekking and exploring the small islands near by. if you are staying at the resort they will also  help you  get the necessary permissions  from the Wayanad forest Department.
Pookode Lake 
At an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level . the Panamaram River is a popular tourist destination. You can also enjoy activities like boating greenhouse tours here whiles shopping for local handicrafts.


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