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Best India Largest Trekking Kedarkantha Snow Trek

 Best  India Largest Trekking Kedarkantha Snow Trekking  

kri every day at 8 in the morning, which reaches Sankri by 5 in the evening.

If you are fond of trekking and want to enjoy trekking amidst snowfall in the mountains, then Kedarkantha of Uttarakhand is the best option for you. This place is no less than a paradise for trekking.

Every year people who are fond of trekking come to Kedarkantha. Especially during Christmas and New Year, a huge crowd of trekkers gather here because the trekking experience becomes even more spectacular for the trekkers amid snowfall.

Sankri is the base of Kedarkantha trek which can be reached by road. After this a 10 kilometer trek starts from Sankri. The thing about this trek is that here along the way you will see dense forests, frozen lakes, velvet meadows, sky-touching peaks and snow-laden mountains.

The main attraction of Kedarkantha trek is Juda Talab or Juda Lake. In winter, this lake freezes completely and becomes so hard that you can walk on it. There is also a mythological belief behind Juda Talab. It is said that Lord Shiva untied his locks here and then the water that came out formed a pond, hence it is called Juda Talab.

After camping near Juda Talab, trekkers halt at Kedarkantha Base Camp from where the next day climb to Kedarkantha Peak

The trekkers coming here try to reach the Kedarkantha peak early in the morning because during this time they get to see the beautiful sunrise from the height of 12500 feet and the view of the snow covered peaks all around.

From Kedarkantha peak, trekkers get a beautiful view of Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, White Mountain, Kalanag, Garuda Parvat and Gangotri Range mountain range. The beauty of Kedarkantha trek can be gauged from the fact that trekkers reach here for 12 months and there is a gathering of tourists in Sankri throughout the year.

Kedarkantha is also a pilgrimage site. It is believed that Baba Kedar sat here after seeing the beauty of this area, so this place is also religiously important like Kedarnath.

Tourists and trekkers do not face any problem to stay in Sankri. There is a small town here where you will find some hotels and wooden houses or home stays in the surrounding villages. Staying in these houses, you will be able to get to know the living conditions and mountain cuisine closely and will be able to enjoy it.

Kedarkantha comes in Sankri and you can go to Sankri by road. You can reach here by car and bus. The bus fare from Dehradun to here is around Rs.450. Roadways Bus Stand near Dehradun Railway Station leaves for San



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